Who We Are

We are Team Pini Piru, Liesbeth & Barrie.

We love wearing T-shirts. And we love great design. But our search for cool T-shirts made ethically, with organic cotton seemed like a wild-goose chase. So we decided to do it ourselves. With backgrounds in art, photography, graphic design and illustration, we’re creatives at heart. So we learnt to screenprint, set up our own studio and got cracking! We design pretty much everything ourselves. But now and then we’ll use a guest designer if it’s someone who brings something fresh and exciting to Pini Piru (and who we think our customers will love).

We don’t have any gender identity in mind when we design, we just create what we love and they are for everyone that likes them.

An ethical approach is at the heart of Pini Piru. Everything is made of organic cotton, and is fairly traded. Our screenprinting is done by hand using water-based, non-toxic ink.

By the way… Pini Piru means Little Devil in Finnish, so if you’re looking for devilishly good design, with a darkly mischievous edge, you’re in the right place.