mixing water based ink

Water based verus plastisol inks

Plastisol inks are oil based and require a variety of chemicals for clean up. The upside is that it will not dry if left in the screen for extended periods.

You can just have a coffee without cleaning your screen first.

Plastisol tends to sit atop the fabric/cotton instead of soaking into them, giving the print a raised, plasticized texture.

Water based inks, what we use are cleaned with just water. It soaks in the fabric/cotton and gives it a very nice look and soft feel. The downside is that you have to work fast as it dries fast in the screen especially when it’s a very hot summer day.

It’s a bit more effort to work with water based inks, but it is better for the planet and for us, as we don’t have to inhale those toxic fumes when cleaning our gear.

water based inks