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Rokbar | cocoa and tees

Last weekend the Rokbar was launched to the world at the chocoa festival in Amsterdam! It’s the first chocolate bar that is 100% made and owned by women. It’s a dark 70% chocolate that has a real silky taste.

Screen printing Rokbar Tees

We screen-printed some lovely Rokbar T-shirts for them. Hot pink and chocolate brown!

The Rokbar adventure started with Anna Laven & Noortje Verhart (yes, we are related) around seven years ago, when they were both in Ghana doing some research on women working in cocoa.

The cocoa beans in this first bar on the European market come from female members of the Association de Productores del Vrae in the Kimbiri region in Peru. The chocolate is made by female workers in the chocolate factory of Shattell.

Rokbar buys the chocolate bars from Lisi Montoya, a female chocolate maker based in Lima. Lisi has set up a small chocolate factory in the capital of Peru, and produces high quality chocolate, organically certified, branded under the name Shattell. In her factory currently four people are employed, of which three are women. Shattell offers them a decent and stable job. Lisi has exported the chocolate and the Rokbar Netherlands team distributes the Rokbar in The Netherlands.

Rokbar Peru is the first bar that is 100% made and owned by women. Shattell made an important investment by buying beans solely from female farmers. Normally beans are not put together based on producer. This is new, and provides market access especially for women. We want to contribute to women’s financial independence and make sure women get their equal share of the bar. Therefor Rokbar commits to paying women an additional price for equality, on top of the price they already receive for quality.

Rokbar 100% made and owned by women

The next step is to start building partnerships. In Peru, but also in other countries. It is important to Rokbar that the positive impact that we want to create for women and their families, is really becoming a reality. For this, we want to follow up regularly with the female farmers.

Noor writes here about the whole Rokbar adventure (dutch)

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