Set of 4 Notebooks


Notebook in sets of four (supersale)

Ruled pages with:

  • Octogirl | Edmund takes a Selfie | Madam Butterfly | Little shop of Horrors

Moleskine blanco pages with:

  • Penny | Deer Man | Octogirl / Chick in Boots 2
  • Holy Pig | Curiosity killed the cat | Succubus | Robogirl



Size Notebook: Pocket size 9 x 14 cm

Colour: brown with ruled pages

Design: by Wendie Duin & Pini Piru

Moleskines: Pocket size 9×14 cm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Type Notebook

Ruled pages, Moleskine blanco pages


Octogirl, Edmund, Little shop, Madam, Penny, Deer, Octogirl, Chick 2, Holy, Curiosity, Succubus, Robogirl

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