Notebooks made from leftovers


Handmade notebooks made from leftovers!

The cover is made with a spatterpattern from leftover waterbased screenprinting ink on French Charbonnel cotton rag paper, 250 gsm

The covers are cut from a 56 x76 size sheet, so they are all very different.

And on the inside 25 pages with 4 different types of leftover paper.

Only 8 notebooks are made!

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Handmade Notebooks with a splatterpattern from leftover screenprinting ink and 25 pages of mostly old and discoloured paper.

Size: 13,5 x 18,5 cm

Pages: 25 different types of leftover paper with some very old and discoloured

Cover: French Charbonnel, 250 gsm Cotton Rag Paper

Stitched by hand with  warm white waxed bookbinding thread

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