Best Buds one-of-a-kind screenprints


Best Buds colour-testprints in 6 different colour combinations.

Signed and one of a kind.

Best Buds by Pini Piru



Charbonnel 100% cotton paper (28×38 cm)

  1. copperbrown with navy ink
  2. lightblue with navy ink
  3. darker blue with navy ink
  4. orange with navy ink

Canson 400 g/m paper (32×25 cm)

  1. lavender lightblue with a darker shade of lavender blue
  2. lavender lightblue with navy ink

Additional information

Weight N/A

Copper brown/navy, light blue/navy, mid blue/navy, light lavender blue/darker lavender blue, lavender blue/navy, orange/navy