sunset in the allotment

Growing our own food

Last season we started growing our own food in a community garden. There are around 16 allotments (7 by 30 meters long). Most people there grow their own food for years already, but since a few years, like us, fresh meat comes in to try it out.

People exchange seeds and young plants, talk remedies for pests and diseases and how to work the soil. Which in our case is heavy clay and we thought of no-till gardening, something the golden oldies refer to as lazy gardening 🙂

We never thought it would be so fun and tasty to grow your own food! We made a lot of happy mistakes, learned that from Bob Ross and sadly got potato blight in our tomatoes (same family), but we also grew insane amounts of rainbow chard & yellow courgettes and the fat German cucumbers were so very good!

yellow flowers

yellow courgettes


Long white radish

rainbow over the garden





The new season will be even better.