Laundry Tips for your Tees

Just a few tips to keep your Pini Piru Tees fine and dandy for as long as possible (or any other Tee from one of the many small businesses around).

We are big fans of the wash cold, hang dry method! Wash cold as in 40 degrees or less. Wash the Tees inside out and do use a lovely smelling mild detergent.  One of the perks of hang dry is you don’t need to iron anymore! But some people like to iron, so if you are one of those people, please enjoy! But iron the Tees inside out on the screenprinted design.

Tumble dry makes your Tees very soft and fluffy, that is true! But, your Tees will shrink and wear down way faster then the hang dry method.

Our current favorite laundry detergent is from Marcel’s Green Soap. Great smells, eco friendly and the bottle is 100% recycled plastic.


Photography by J.D. Noske for Anefo from The National Archive. Both taken in Volendam, The Netherlands. The first one on June 5, 1950 and the bottom one on December 18, 1953