Collectors of WOII radio’s, vehicles and much more..

For ten years we shared our former studio space with Gerard.                        A collector of many many things, as long as it is proper vintage and well made.

Film projectors, pinball machines, tape recorders, you name it. But his biggest and most loved collection is everything WOII.

Especially the WOII radio’s. He knows them all, can tell you everything about them, see if there are parts fake or parts taken from other radio’s. Like a French button on a Canadian radio.. (don’t do that!)

But most importantly, he is one of few people who can fix them!          Return them to their original state, if he has the parts, which he has most of the time, since he is a proper collector.

Need a vintage radio tube? No problem, he has them.

And he is not alone in this, there are many collectors out there all over the world. We got to meet some of them, as they all come to Gerard for advice and repairs. Or just for the fun of it, as most of them known each other for years.

For a small part it’s because of them we don’t forget what happened..     WOII films are made using their vehicles, radio’s, most props basically.

And because of all that and the fact that we get to celebrate 75 years of freedom, we made a special custom design screenprinted on British Khaki  unisex T-shirts and Polo T-shirts.

For the love of collecting things and keeping a piece of important history alive..

Gerard Deibel (Collector & fixer)