Kids drawings series

A series of kids drawings

A series of kids drawings we screen printed on T-shirts. It’s just the sort of flair and different world view that makes kids drawings so very special. You couldn’t draw like that as an adult, even if you tried real hard..

The first one on the red Tee we call ‘Politics’. A very adult name for this drawing, but it just reminded us of politicians these days. Talking a lot, but saying nothing smart or worthy..

It’s made by (then) 3 year old Lou and she hasn’t learned to write yet, but did so anyway! And you can tell she was bored after five lines 🙂

Does the man remind you of anyone you know..?

Politics by Lou

Politics Tee

Love Tee by Annelou

Love Tee by Annelou

Flower Power Tee

Hearts and flowers, all we need in desperate times!

  1. Shop the Politics on a red Tee here
  2. Shop the Politics on heather blue Tee here
  3. Shop the LOVE Tee here
  4. The Flower Power tee is coming up soon! In a limited batch.